One in four Americans are active podcast listeners.

According to Edison Research, in 2017, 24% of Americans report having listened to podcasts within the last month, a significant jump up from 17% in 2015.

– Edison Research

Happy Podcasters Talk About Podcasting

Some of the Human Factor Media podcast clients made guest appearances on Through the Noise and talk about why podcasting works for them.

Jeff Lenard, host of Convenience Matters, appears on an episode of Through the Noise and tells a funny anecdote about making connections with other media types.
Ken Jaquez and Julie Johnson, hosts of Democracy that Delivers, create relationships through hosting their podcast with important people they would not have otherwise been able to reach.
JP Moery, President of The Moery Company, proposes that the art of using casual storytelling to drive the narrative about your association can be more effective and natural than the more traditional and controlled messaging that has been the norm.
Jeff Lenard, host of Convenience Matters, talks about the benefits of podcasting vs other media formats, shares some things he’s learned about making podcasts, and explains the magical influence of doors on your customers’ mood.
Ken Jaquez and Julie Johnson, hosts of Democracy that Delivers, give us some insight into what makes a great guest.
Jeff Lenard, host of Convenience Matters, talks about how the National Association of Convenience Store’s podcast inspired one of their listeners to open his own convenience store.
Ken Jaquez and Julie Johnson, hosts of Democracy that Delivers, share thoughts on what makes podcasting work to communicate complex ideas.

Human Factor makes it easy.

What are you doing to reach your members today?

Human Factor Media helps associations integrate podcasting into their communication strategy. Podcasting isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to take the challenges out of it so you can relax and focus on serving your association’s mission.

Why Podcast?


Reach your audience by giving them something they want to hear.

“When I go to conferences, the first thing people who meet me say is, ‘I love listening to your podcast.”Pat Flynn, The Smart Passive Income Blog

“Our culture is so niche-oriented now, you don’t need 3 million people to listen to your podcast.”Chris Hardwick, Nerdist

Focused Message

The culture of podcast listening enables you to get really specific in your target audience.  Speak to the people who already know about you, and find other mission-focused listeners who don’t. Yet.

Convenient Reach

Reach people where they want to listen, in their cars, in their homes, at the gym.

“All the listening is going to shift from the broadcast tower to the smartphone.”Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Media

“It’s actually about cars.”Kevin Roose, NY Mag

Engaged Audience

Not only is it convenient to the listener, you get their full attention because they’re in for the full ride.



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